FDT awarded City of Pomona Reservoir 5C Design Build Project

City of Pomona’s Reservoir 5C is a 10 million gallon reservoir. The tank is comprised of four (4) interconnected chambers that have an interior baffle wall near the mid‐point of the chambers. The tank was constructed in 2003, but leak testing revealed the presence of numerous concrete cracks. Attempts to seal the cracks delayed placing Reservoir 5C in service until early 2004. The reservoir has never operated at full capacity since 2004 due to its significant water loss.

The City of Pomona was seeking a Design‐Build strategy to rehabilitate Reservoir 5C that prevents moisture from continuing to permeate through the cracks in the walls of the tank and cause progressive deterioration of the reinforcement steel and decrease the structural integrity and life span of the reservoir.

FDT will be working with Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) as our engineer who will be writing the specifications under our direction. FDT will implement the work in the field along with West Coast Coating Consulting doing our field inspection for quality.  The project engineering stage will start after NTP (August 20), and physical repairs to the reservoir is set to start the middle of October (2015).